Tools of Titans contains the distilled tools, tactics, and inside baseball you won’t find anywhere else. It also includes new tips from past guests, and life lessons from new ‘guests’ you haven’t met.

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The Power of Being Content…and Stuff

sholanda l. smith (2)I am always content with my life, but I am extra-fluffy content, right now.
I am alive.
I thank God, just to be able to breathe.
To be able to get it right, tomorrow. I hope.
To be able to give hugs and love to my husband and my children.
To be able to say, “I love you”, and not wonder if the people who I say it to love me back.
To be able to be a blessing to somebody.
To be able to inspire somebody.
To be able to mess up, and know that I can forgive myself.
To be able to forgive, because that mess, that I am holding inside of me, just hurts me.
To be able to laugh, because I love to laugh.
There is not a person that can make me sad, right now, because I know what the law of gratitude does.
You can reject me. I don’t care.
You can deny me. I don’t care.
You can refuse me. I don’t care.
You can talk about me. Still don’t care.
You can call me names, violate my trust, and lay my friendship on the table. Yep, not my problem.
If you are in my life, right now, you’re meant to be.
The door always swings in and out.
When it’s your time to go, it’s your time.
I never force friendship.
I never force love.
I never force anything.
Everyone has freedoms.
I celebrate and appreciate yours and mine. ❤

Be as Generous as You are Curious <3

You want something, but you aren’t willing to give away anything.
Stop thinking that people always want your money. The people, who you give your money to most, often don’t need it. We have no problem giving to them, though. It’s the ones we are close to, who MIGHT need a financial bridge, to their dreams, that we hold back.
I digress, though.
Most people want your time, without interruption. They want you to look them in their eyes, when they are talking. They want you to be able to repeat their last five words, to ensure that you heard them. They want a hug. People like hugs.
The power of generosity supersedes financial bondages. Furthermore, when you learn to freely give, you will learn to freely receive.
You can’t have one without the other. You can, but that’s kinda a lop-sided relationship; and we swear we want equality. Be as generous as you are curious. In doing so, your curiosity will kill your fixed mindset. We kinda need to kill that cat, don’t ya think. ❤

iWRITE! Part of the iSLAY movement


PaperCrush Announcement‼️
After being asked multiple times, I am happy to say that I have added “Inspirational Architect” to PaperCrush’s collection. This will be a journaling class for Tweens and up, specializing in the art of “togetherness spoken word” in writing and in unity. I am excited about my future partnerships. Pair this event with book signings, corporate events, and more. If you have an idea, I’ll match it. ‪#‎ISlay‬ ‪#‎walkinginpurpose‬ #thewritelife